field report from your neighborhood pervert.

someone just added this comment to my comment on the fucked-up sex ed book. long live free speech!

With the alarming increase in bisexuality among our youth, I would say that Dr. Grossman speaks the truth. We can see the results from radical, liberal indoctrination over the past 40+ years now culminating in rampant bisexuality, homosexuality, etc. in our youth. Also, I believe that many who call themselves “liberals” are truly sexual deviants, who, besides having degraded our educational system, want the parents to butt out then have our laws changed in order to have easier access to our children. It reeks of sexual perversion and needs to be stopped! How many teachers can we now count that are having sex with our babies??? Disgusting! Stand up for your children! Don’t let these perverts indoctrinate your kids!

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go have sex with some babies.

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