a new name, courtesy of a crazy person

sorry to occupy so much of this blog with news of crazy people responding to my amazon review, thereby implying that there’s nothing else going on in my life,* but when someone opens their response to something you wrote with the words:


…you kind of have to let the world know. i must say for this guy, he has a way with words. if only he would use them for good and not crazy.

You poor brainwashed Moonbat. This book reveals the truth about the homosexual/liberal agenda. Destruction of the family is the goal. Homosexuality is dangerous to the health of the folks that engage. Dangerous to their physical and mental health. And the homosexuals should not be recruiting 5 year olds.

you may have noticed that the moniker has had a rather profound lasting effect on me, and this blog. please let me know if you think abandoning “good grief” in favor of this much more colorful title is a bad idea… and if, in doing so, you come up with an equally evocative name to call me, all the better.

*there totally is. in fact, i actually have some biggish news. it will have to wait, though- read on.


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