more politics (but it’s about glenn beck, so it will be funny, sort of)

okay. the comments on my review keep rolling in. they’re getting less hilarious and more depressing. this last woman was pretty sure i don’t have kids– good inference, crazy lady– and compared transgenderism to bestiality, which she spelled BEASTiality, and i’m gonna guess that’s either because she’s a brilliant wordsmith, or because of rampant peabrainery. hey crazy lady, rick santorum called, and he wants his asinine argument back.

so, this is making me sad. and i have a favor to ask. if you have a second, go to the book’s page and write a bad review, or go to my review and write a comment. just like, “thanks for calling our attention to this shitty book for crazy people! i am not crazy.” the thing is, this is not for my ego, i promise, it’s because right now, the crazy people are winning and it’s sad. i don’t really think the majority of amazon users think that homosexuals exist to sell five-year-olds into slavery, but right now it kind of looks that way. and, again, it’s making me sad.

also, a word about the word “crazy”: i do not claim to be a neutral, rational member of the general political conversation. that’s why i’m not an editorial columnist. i’d lose my cool too much. but i do understand the point that name-calling doesn’t do a whole lot to advance a rational political conversation. so normally, i try pretty hard to follow that rule and not lose my cool (or, you know, not talk about this stuff in my blog at all). the abstinence-only argument, for example: i 100% completely disagree with that, but i think the people who are in favor of it are just really misguided in their ideas about sex education. however, if you think that homosexuality is a deviant behavior, that homosexuals are trying to recruit children into an army, that their goal is to destroy american families, that’s bigotry, pure and simple. it’s an absolute, like racism. and that degree of hate is crazy. it is. it’s just plain crazy. so while i realize it may seem a little silly to get all uppity about someone calling me a brainwashed moonbat, then turn around and call him crazy, there’s a fundamental difference between he and i: i am right, and he is wrong. homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism are not wrong. they’re just not. so, in conclusion, if you want people to stop calling you names, stop being a tiny-minded douchebag.

all right, time for something more fun.


you know how i hate to jump on a bandwagon, but when it comes to the “somebody throw glenn beck in a river before he accidentally blows up america” bandwagon, i drive that shit on alternate tuesdays. case in point: i am in americorps. i get paid a hilariously tiny stipend to teach inner-city teenagers how to read. my other friends in americorps do things like help kids get college scholarships, work with runaways, make digital films with youth on a reservation, and teach art. in other words, according to glenn beck, a communist militia whose purpose is entirely military. (also, barack obama is apparently a cross between saddam hussein and hitler. but that’s nothing new.)


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